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Motor Vehicle

At KJ Funding, we take pride in providing personalized financial solutions with a focus on people. Our dedicated team specializes in securing financing for various vehicles, from small cars to large commercial fleets.

  • Secured Asset Finance

    A secured asset finance loan is a specialized financial product enabling individuals and businesses to obtain essential assets like vehicles, machinery, and equipment with the asset serving as collateral, mitigating risk for the lender and thereby allowing for more favorable interest rates and flexible terms compared to traditional loans.

  • Rent to own/Hire Purchase

    Rent-to-own/Operating lease offers an extra way to finance assets without needing collateral, freeing up cash for day-to-day operations. It gives businesses more flexibility to adapt to changing needs compared to buying outright.

  • Novated Lease

    A novated lease is a benefit for employees, involving an agreement among you, your employer, and a leasing company. Your employer deducts lease payments from your gross salary (before tax), covering a car you use personally. Leasing a vehicle through this arrangement offers tax savings.


Whether it's for personal or business use, we have the expertise and resources to secure financing for any vehicle you desire, including sports and luxury cars. Our extensive network and tailored approach mean that we can accommodate your specific preferences, ensuring that you drive away in the car of your dreams without compromise.

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Truck & Trailers

From prime movers to agi trucks, we handle it all. Whether you need financing for the truck itself, with attachments, or just the trailer, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive approach means you can rely on us to finance every aspect of your commercial vehicle needs, providing seamless solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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Other Vehicles

In addition to cars and trucks, we also provide financing options for a wide range of other assets, including buses and motorcycles. Whatever your transportation needs may be, we have the expertise and resources to help you secure the financing you require. Our commitment is to offer flexible and competitive solutions, ensuring you can acquire the assets you need with ease and confidence.

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